The Advertiser and Sunday Mail give readers the chance to win $1 Million.

We worked with The Advertiser and Sunday Mail to facilitate their WIN $1 Million for Christmas promotion which was successfully run over the 2018 Holiday period.!

The mechanic was simple; buy either newspaper, complete the enclosed form and send it in to a nominated address.

Once the winner was selected their entry was placed into an envelope and placed into a barrel for the major prize draw at which point they had a 1 in 200 chance of winning $1 Million cash!

Just what are the odds of hitting a hole in one?

So just what are the chances of hitting a hole in one?

Some interesting stats have surfaced that brings to light just how extraordinary a Hole In One really is, even to a professional golfer, Tiger Woods included!

A professional golfer has a 1 in 2500 chance of achieving a hole in one which is why they are not eligible for any standard prize indemnity cover typically available within Australia.

A low handicap, semi pro player has a 1 in 5000 chance which starts to paint a picture of the rarity of such a result.

As for the weekend golfer? Odds around 12,500 to 1 is around average for a weekend hack player to sink a deuce!

Of course there are freaks such as the aforementioned Tiger Woods who sunk his first hole in one at age 6 and Michelle Wie at just age 12.

When calculating premiums, the difficulty level associated with each hole will determine specific risk level applicable, especially the LENGTH of the hole in question.

The longest reported Hole In One was by Mike Crean who potted one from 517 yards on a par 5 in Denver CO.

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Shopping Centre in hot water over Balloons In Car promotion

Prize Insurance Baloons

A Queensland shopping centre has fallen foul of punters with their ‘Tell us how many Balloons are in this BMW” promotion which asks passersby to guess how many balloons are stuffed inside the prestige car.

The concept is a good one, perfect for a Prize Insurance execution however it came to light after the draw that the final balloon count included those that were out of view, such as the ones in the boot, engine bay and even the glove box.

There are reports that bags of deflated balloons were inside the car and therefore part of the grand total that someone would have to guess in order to win the car.

Prize Insurance premiums are priced on the likelihood of a favourable result, so it stands to reason that the promoter would look at all options to reduce their risk and thereby the cost of purchasing prize insurance cover.

That said, there is a fine line between reducing your risk and running a competition that in reality, nobody has a chance to win.


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Pro Golfer given 500 balls to try for a Hole In One.

Just How Hard Is It To Hit a Hole In One?

An interesting event in Europe took place recently where a professional golfer by the name of Edoardo Molinari was given 500 balls on a par three, 132-metre hole to see how many attempts if any, it would take the three-time European Tour winner to sink the elusive hole in one.

It’s said that a professional’s odds of achieving a hole in one is around one in 2,500 as compared to an average golfer which is closer to one in 100,000, so the odds were already stacked against him.

In an event that started at 6 am in the morning and went in the early evening, Edoardo was not able to find that perfect shot despite several shots going agonisingly close including his very first drive which landed just a few inches short.

On another occasion, the ball landing in the hole but appeared to bounce on the flagstick causing the champion golfer who has by this stage been hitting balls for several hours to fall to his knees!

It goes to show just how hard it is for anyone to hit a hole in one!