Just what are the odds of hitting a hole in one?

So just what are the chances of hitting a hole in one?

Some interesting stats have surfaced that brings to light just how extraordinary a Hole In One really is, even to a professional golfer, Tiger Woods included!

A professional golfer has a 1 in 2500 chance of achieving a hole in one which is why they are not eligible for any standard prize indemnity cover typically available within Australia.

A low handicap, semi pro player has a 1 in 5000 chance which starts to paint a picture of the rarity of such a result.

As for the weekend golfer? Odds around 12,500 to 1 is around average for a weekend hack player to sink a deuce!

Of course there are freaks such as the aforementioned Tiger Woods who sunk his first hole in one at age 6 and Michelle Wie at just age 12.

When calculating premiums, the difficulty level associated with each hole will determine specific risk level applicable, especially the LENGTH of the hole in question.

The longest reported Hole In One was by Mike Crean who potted one from 517 yards on a par 5 in Denver CO.

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