Pro Golfer given 500 balls to try for a Hole In One.

Just How Hard Is It To Hit a Hole In One?

An interesting event in Europe took place recently where a professional golfer by the name of Edoardo Molinari was given 500 balls on a par three, 132-metre hole to see how many attempts if any, it would take the three-time European Tour winner to sink the elusive hole in one.

It’s said that a professional’s odds of achieving a hole in one is around one in 2,500 as compared to an average golfer which is closer to one in 100,000, so the odds were already stacked against him.

In an event that started at 6 am in the morning and went in the early evening, Edoardo was not able to find that perfect shot despite several shots going agonisingly close including his very first drive which landed just a few inches short.

On another occasion, the ball landing in the hole but appeared to bounce on the flagstick causing the champion golfer who has by this stage been hitting balls for several hours to fall to his knees!

It goes to show just how hard it is for anyone to hit a hole in one!